Creditor Rights

The Creditor Rights team at The Rocky Mountain Law Group, LLC offers our creditor clients more than 25 years of expertise in all aspects of law affecting our clients’ interests, including such matters as bankruptcy, foreclosures, workouts, replevins, and collections.


The creditor bankruptcy attorneys at The Rocky Mountain Law Group, LLC have represented our creditor bankruptcy clients in cases under various chapters of the Bankruptcy Code, including Chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 12 family farmer reorganizations and Chapter 13 individual debt adjustment cases. Our experience allows us to accomplish our creditor clients’ goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our knowledgeable creditor bankruptcy attorneys are well versed in the remedies available to creditors in Bankruptcy Court. The creditor bankruptcy attorneys have represented our creditor clients in motion for relief from stay proceedings (also referred to as lift of stay proceedings) under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. We have also handled priority disputes, adversary proceedings, contested matters, confirmation hearings in bankruptcy reorganization cases, cash collateral issues, preference actions, and many other types of bankruptcy litigation.

Our creditor bankruptcy clients have a broad range of backgrounds. We represent agricultural lenders, automobile finance companies, commercial banks, consumer finance companies, independent banks, credit unions, and other creditors in bankruptcy proceedings in the Colorado bankruptcy courts. We employ very qualified staff members to assist our creditor bankruptcy clients when possible. It is our intent to provide our creditor bankruptcy clients quality, responsive, legal representation.

Our familiarity with the bankruptcy laws and rules, and the particular rules for the Colorado bankruptcy courts, allows us to approach a bankruptcy case and the issues presented in the case from a practical, least-cost perspective, which experience is valuable to our creditor clients.

We focus on providing our creditor clients with an excellent value by combining high quality representation with a practical approach to resolving the unique issues presented in bankruptcy.

Our expert creditor bankruptcy attorneys have lectured on various bankruptcy issues for banking organizations and legal groups. We have presented seminars on workouts, the automatic stay in bankruptcy, an overview of the bankruptcy process, and have written articles on bankruptcy for trade association newsletters.


Colorado has a unique public trustee foreclosure system. Our creditor foreclosure attorneys have extensive experience with foreclosures and foreclosure issues, having practiced in the area for over 25 years. Our knowledge and understanding of foreclosures has given us the opportunity to lecture on the foreclosure process and to contribute informative articles to trade association newsletters. Our expertise in foreclosures allowed us to be a major participate in drafting legislation that temporarily restructured the foreclosure laws in response to the agricultural crisis. We have also been active in defending lenders in of some of the more recent and creative claims against foreclosures.

The creditor foreclosure clients of The Rocky Mountain Law Group, LLC represent a broad spectrum of interests. The creditor foreclosure clients include national and local banks, finance companies, mortgage companies, agricultural lenders and other real estate lenders. We handle commercial, business, agricultural and residential foreclosures throughout the state of Colorado. In the event it is not possible to foreclose through the public trustee foreclosure system due to a deficiency in the loan documents, or some because of other reason, our foreclosure attorneys have extensive experience with judicial foreclosures and sheriff sales.

Once the creditor has obtained title to the real estate at the completion of the foreclosure action, the work may not be complete. If the party foreclosed against will not vacate the real estate, it may be necessary to institute eviction proceedings to obtain possession of the real estate to complete the third party sale. Our attorneys handle eviction actions and work with our creditor clients and the appropriate governmental authorities after the completion of the foreclosure, if necessary.

A creditor client of The Rocky Mountain Law Group may have personal property collateral as security for a loan. In that event, we have extensive experience with foreclosure of personal property collateral under the Uniform Commercial Code, including replevins and UCC foreclosures.


In some situations, workouts or settlement negotiations may be appropriate or desirable prior to or in place of bankruptcy proceedings. The creditor and the borrower may be able to reach resolution on the defaulted loan through a deed in lieu of foreclosure, forbearance, restructure, or some other arrangement without the need for a bankruptcy filing. Our creditor bankruptcy attorney can assist our creditor clients with workouts, forbearance agreements and other similar negotiated resolutions between the creditor and the borrower.


Our attorneys and experienced staff will take care of everything from a simple demand letter all the way through to the final entry of judgment in the appropriate court. Post- judgment executions, garnishments and other procedures help our creditor clients recover the judgments that have been obtained by the attorneys at The Rocky Mountain Law Group, LLC. We work with our creditor clients throughout all of the stages of collection from the initial demand letter, to entry of judgment in the appropriate court, to post judgment wage garnishment and bank garnishment, sheriff’s sales, executions, and liens. If a client has a judgment from another state and you need a local creditor lawyer in Colorado, the attorneys at The Rocky Mountain Law Group, LLC can assist the client with domesticating the judgment and collecting the judgment in the state of Colorado.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in Uniform Commercial Code disputes, domesticating judgments from another state, equipment and automobile deficiency claims, and equipment and automobile replevin actions. Our creditor collection attorneys are recognized as experts in the area of collections law. They have presented seminars on collection law issues for credit managers and other individuals involved in the credit industry.

We represent creditor clients and handle foreclosures and collection cases in every county in Colorado.  We offer a technically knowledgeable staff for your support. If you need a creditor’s lawyer to assist in your bankruptcy, workout or collection matters, or need a creditor foreclosure lawyer for a commercial, business, agricultural, or residential foreclosure matter, please contact us.