Wills & Probate

Recent changes in the federal inheritance tax laws provide protection from taxes in many instances, but relief from taxes is not the only reason to plan for the passing of property from generation to generation. Parents may want to protect the interests of young children and provide for their health, welfare and education if they are not around to see to those things themselves. People may have family members with special needs or concerns, or special circumstances that will be disregarded under the statutory scheme for distributions to legal heirs. There may also be a desire to provide for a favorite charity, education or religious institution. All of these matters require estate planning.

The experienced estate planning attorneys at The Rocky Mountain Law Group, LLC provide services such as drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives (living wills) and other estate planning devices. We also counsel clients in other ways to plan and provide for the next generation. This is an area of law where individuals should not make decisions without good advice. Property can be tied up in unexpected ways, so deeding property and adding names to bank accounts should not be done without careful consideration.

In some cases complications occur and probate litigation arises. Our estate planning and probate attorneys are experienced with these types of disputes, no matter how the disputes develop. If litigation arises in the form of a will contest, spousal election against a will, a breach of fiduciary claim, or some other conflict, our estate planning and probate attorneys provide strong representation by a lawyer who thoroughly understands estate planning and probate law and who will take the time to understand the facts of the case.

From our offices in Aurora, Colorado, we represent clients from Aurora and the DenverĀ metropolitan area such as Arapahoe, Adams, Denver, Boulder, Jefferson and Douglas Counties, and as our name suggests, in all of the Colorado State and Federal Courts.